I’m happy to be joined by Dr. Janine Roberts. Dr. Roberts has been a practicing family therapist for forty years. She was the chair of the doctoral and masters program in Family Therapy at UMass Amherst for some twenty years, and has trained and supervised in-home therapists in the US and in Latin America. Dr. Roberts if the author and co-author of four books including one poetry book The Body Altars, as well as some seventy book chapters and articles. She’s researched and written extensively about our social identities and therapeutic work, family stories and rituals, as well as supervision and training, among other topics. Janine is presenting at the in-home therapy workshop “Our Stories and Theirs: Fully Engaging Ourselves and Our Clients in In-Home Therapy” on Friday, April 24th at Brightside in Holyoke. We’re happy to co-sponsor that with the Couple & Family Institute of New England (CFINE) and Brightside for Children & Families.

Jeremiah Gibson: As a younger therapist, a lot of therapists that are within ten years of me are getting trained in agencies who do in-home therapy. And unfortunately, more and more, these newer therapists are kind of being thrown to the wolves, and kind of given a manual and being sent out working with some really challenging families…without the education tools, without the supervision tools that could really help them be successful. So I’m really excited to have your expertise and your presence at the workshop at the end of April.