What Are You Noticing During COVID-19?

What are you noticing during COVID-19?

What is going on in the lives of your couples and families? What relational trends are you observing?

How are you noticing that the increase in teletherapy and trauma work during the time of COVID-19 is impacting your own relationships, both with others and yourself?

Our job as therapists is to be emotional receptacles--holding space for the anxieties and pain of our clients, and reflecting on the relational dynamics that follow. Our work is tiring enough as it is; the combination of the chaos and uncertainty of our clients with our own experience of upheaval during a national crisis creates an unprecedented amount of exhaustion for our therapist community.

You are not alone during this tumultuous season. We all need each other for emotional support.

For the month of May, NEAFAST members will be posting short reflections (250 words or so) about what we're seeing clinically and personally on our blog. We invite you to share your reflections with us; feel free to email us your thoughts at [email protected].

We hope that the NEAFAST blog can provide a space for comfort and groundedness as we attempt to make meaning out of the relational and intrapsychic trends that we're noticing, the anxieties that we're holding for our clients, and our own emotional and existential experiences.

Jeremiah Gibson, LMFT, CST, is the Executive Director for NEAFAST.


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