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Interview with Steve Gaddis (Excerpts)

An Interview between Steve Gaddis, Director of the Narrative Therapy Initiative, and Jeremiah Gibson, NEAFAST President

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Interview with Rosa Khorshidi (Excerpts)

NEAFAST is eager to highlight the work of its members, and are honored to introduce Rosa Khorsidi..

Rosa has worked with individuals, couples, and families since 1991 in Iran and America. Relationships, especially couples therapy, is her focus. She is the world's first Iranian/Muslim Certified EFT Therapist. She is also the only Muslim LMFT of MA and the only Iranian LMFT of New England.

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Interview with Steve Gaddis - Excerpts about NTI's 2019-2020 Programming

These excerpts from an Interview between Steve Gaddis, Director of the Narrative Therapy Initiative (NTI), and Jeremiah Gibson, NEAFAST President, focus on NTI's 2019-2020 programming, specifically the Apprenticeship Program and the Certificate Program.

Jeremiah Gibson: I wonder if I can ask a couple questions about the programming for 2019-2020. You’ve alluded to the Narrative Certificate Program. And then there’s another program that you guys are offering too that’s called the Apprenticeship Program. I’m wondering if you could take a few minutes to describe those.

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Narrative Therapy in Practice

The Narrative Therapy Initiative is hosting two separate trainings next weekend in Beverly. On Thursday, 4/25, Suzanne Gazzolo, PhD, and Matt Mooney, LICSW will give you a taste of the process and power of narrative therapy in their 6 hour workshop "What is Narrative Therapy?". On Friday and Saturday, 4/26 and 4/27, Suzanne and Matt will offer an intensive, skill-based training, "Narrative Therapy in Practice". For more information on these conferences, including cost and location, please check out the Narrative Therapy Initiative website.

NEAFAST had the honor of interviewing Suzanne and Matt about their experiences with narrative therapy.

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