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Twelve Best Practice Principles for Court Appointed Family Therapy

Family therapy is often the most effective means of understanding and treating and solving family problems in divorce and custody disputes, including resist/refusal, family violence and juvenile behavioral problems.

Family therapists:

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Ten Resources to Help Work with Divorce and Custody Disputes in Family Therapy

Ten Resources to Help Work with Divorce and Custody Disputes in Family Therapy

Divorce and custody disputes can be the most complex, conflict-filled cases that family therapists see. NEAFAST hosts a monthly peer support group that provides strategies for working with these challenging cases.

From developing parents plans to navigating parental alienation, these ten resources can help you provide therapy that supports children, builds effective parent-child relationships, and establishes healthy boundaries and expectations. Join us on the first Friday of the month from 12-1:30 to learn more.

  1. The Parental Alienation Syndrome by Linda Gottlieb
  2. Sex, Love, and Violence: Strategies for Transformation by Cloe Madanes 
  3. Don't Alienate the Kids!: Raising Resilient Children While Avoiding High Conflict Divorce (2nd ed.) by Bill Eddy 
  4. Working with Alienated Children and Families: A Clinical Guidebook by Amy Baker and Richard Sauber 
  5. Understanding and Managing Parental Alienation: A Guide to Assessment and Intervention by Janet Haines, et al 
  6. Parent-child Reunification: A Guide to Legal and Forensic Strategies by Stanley Clawar
  7. Parental Alienation: Science and Law by Demosthenes Lorandas and William Bernet's 
  8. AAMFT Best Practices for Working with Divorce and Custody
  9. AFCC Court Involved Therapist Guidelines 
  10. Ethical and Professional Considerations in Divorce and Child Custody Cases by Jeffrey Zimmerman, et al. (In Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 2009, 40(6), 539-549
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