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Introduction to Cultural Humility
Friday, October 29, 2021, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST
Category: CE Events: Adult Individuals

Cultural Humility is a philosophy that empowers individuals to effectively engage in interpersonal relationships that are dynamically diverse and mutually respectful. Unlike Cultural Competence, cultural humility is a life-long and ongoing process of self-reflection and self-critique in which individuals expand their capacity for learning, listening and understanding, regardless of their experiences with cultures other than their own. Incorporating cultural humility as part of one’s lifestyle empowers the individual to recognize and redress power-imbalances that exist within their immediate social and organizational structures. Following this training the participants will be able to: 1) Participants can state the potential influence of power, privilege, the –isms and their own history on relationships with clients and colleagues, 2) Participants can identify personal beliefs and values and how these factors influence their own behaviors when working with clients and colleagues, 3) Participants can use tools to practice the cultural humility principle of “client as expert” when serving individuals and communities, 4) Participants practice respectful and curious inquiry about individual and community points of view, values and life experiences, holding the stance of “listen as if the speaker is wise,” 5) Participants practice strategies to redress power dynamics from negatively influencing or obstructing the content of service delivery, and 6) Participants integrate strategies into organizational structures, policies, activities.

Hosted by The Bridge Training Institute in Marlborough, MA for 6 CEs. For more info, visit The Bridge Training Institute's website.