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2-Day Certificate Course: CBT for Anxiety: Transformative Skills and Strategies for the Treatment of GAD, Panic Disorder, OCD and Social Anxiety
Thursday, September 19, 2019, 8:00 AM to Friday, September 20, 2019, 5:00 PM EST
Category: CE Events: Adult Individuals

Do you feel overwhelmed by the severity of your client’s anxiety symptoms? Does their need to seek reassurance and perform compulsions prevent them from moving forward in therapy? You are not alone if you find your clients experiencing the same symptoms after several therapy sessions, if they get stuck on the “why’s” of anxiety or if they are unable to take meaningful action against their anxiety. Attend this intensive two-day workshop to learn specific ways to climb over these obstacles in therapy and gain confidence in your ability to treat the most symptomatic, anxious clients on your caseload. Start seeing real results with cutting edge CBT interventions that give you:

  • Ways to help clients face their triggers and change their relationship with fear
  • Strategies to manage your own anxiety about treating your anxious clients
  • Methods to use exposure therapy in meaningful, successful ways
  • Specific strategies for Panic Disorder, phobias, OCD and Social AnxietyPacked with videos, case examples, and opportunities to practice, this two-day seminar is designed for clinicians who want to start seeing real results with anxiety clients. Learn CBT with Exposure and Response Prevention in a positive, supportive environment and walk away with strategies you can use the very next day!
Don’t miss this opportunity to grow your confidence and your practice while helping your clients get their lives back! Sponsored by PESI, Inc. in Woburn, MA. More info: