Online journalism is going through its share of growing pains.

How do you create content that simultaneously reaches the needs of your constituents while remaining broad enough to be consumed by a larger audience?

What content should be free to the public, and what content should be behind a paywall?

How do you write compelling material while maintaining ethical journalistic standards? (Read: How can you get clicks without clickbait?)

While it's probably too early to call in the life of NEAFAST "online journalism", these are questions that the NEAFAST board is currently wrestling with as we determine the scope of this blog.

We do know that the NEAFAST Blog will feature the following content:

  • Interviews with family/systemic therapy thought leaders
  • Features on NEAFAST members
  • Articles (op-eds, if you will) written by members on a variety of therapeutic topics
  • Announcements about significant achievements, research, and presentations by members

If you'd like to assist the NEAFAST Board in addressing some of the above questions and developing a clearer social media and content strategy, please email us at [email protected]


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